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2024 Bike Ride Done and Dusted

Just a huge thank you to all involved, but especially you our beautiful donors.  Your generosity and messages of support are so important, thanks.
Despite some very wet weather on the 2nd day yesterday, we completed the 250kms in good spirits.  Looking at the forecast for the event, we were pleasantly surprised to complete the 127km day one on dry roads, but just in case the forecast was true, we enjoyed great comradery, finishing with an extra 30km.

Day 2 skies looked threatening but we snuck in 42km as the heavy rain started.  The ride was postponed in the hope we could finish later in the day.  Presentations were held at Hornsby BMW.  Not to be beaten, we completed the final 50km on the home trainers.

I’m putting some of the pics on my donation website and on facebook here - I hope you enjoy.   

Thanks again for your support, best wishes,


For my old cycling buddies from the 70's and 80's ...... Win that sprint with your own personal lead-out train


If nothing changes, I will be around for many more years – this positive news is not true for most people with a brain cancer diagnosis.

Many of you might remember that I am considered, by all the specialists, as a very lucky cyclist. 

Now, almost 11 years since having a seizure while riding my bike, I’m still getting the all clear on my regular MRI scans, as my Oncologist, Professor Helen Wheeler says (and I always laugh), “still nothing found”.

My brain tumour was considered one of the best type to get, (unlike a Glioblastoma where the average survival time is only 18 months), my prognosis is good.  

There is still no cure for brain cancer and the survival rates for patients diagnosed with a brain tumour have not improved in 40 years, still only 5% survive after 5 years.

If you can donate any amount, please go to the donation page below, I can’t thank you enough, but THANK YOU.


Hi! I need your support

The Bike Ride for Brain Cancer has already raised over $1 million dollars to help kick start our Consortium's projects but we need your help to raise another $6 million over the next 3 years.

- Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease;
- Brain cancer kills more adults under 40 than any other cancer;
- Brain cancer is extremely difficult to access and virtually 
  impossible to completely remove;
- There is not enough tumour tissue available for research;
- We don’t have the big data that can provide valuable insights
  and ensure gold standards in treatment.
- Unlike other cancer groups, survival rates in brain cancer have
  barely shifted in the past 40 years.

Our mission is to change this, and we need your help to make it happen.  Our Consortium is building the national platforms this country needs to benefit the ENTIRE brain cancer research community and ultimately all brain cancer patients across Australia.

I'm taking part in The Bike Ride for Brain Cancer raising funds for research to find new treatments and better outcomes for children and adults suffering from this devastating disease.

I would be so grateful if you could please help me change the future for brain cancer patients and their families by donating to my fundraising page.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt via email. Thank you in advance for your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ross, Di, Jas, Steve & Max Bowles


Peter Ritchie

Don't fall off!


Mary Ann Lynn

Have a safe & smooth ride!


Sandy & Geoff Bowles

Keep up the good work Ross!


Jessica Morse

You’re an inspiration, Ross! Go get ‘em, my friend! Miss you! XX


Barbara And Bill Hirn

Go get em, Ross!


Daryn Middlebrook

Well done Ross, you are a legend mate and a wonderful ambassador for this important cause.


Linda Hatfield


David Matcham


The Starkeys

Keep on rolling Rosco



Great work Ross


David Downey

Go hard Ross!!!


Stephen Fairless

Hey mate, have a great ride 👍


Judith Wainwright

Good luck Ross, from both of us. Judith and Jeff



Marvellous!!! Love from Izzi & the Halliday Shands


Ross Bowles



Well done Ross, you are amazing Briggsy


John Hunt

Good on you Ross. You are an inspiration.


Laurie Strommer


John & Mel Kippen

Great cause, all the very best Ross x


Ryan & Debbie Rogers


Cathie And Matt G

Our fave local champion !!


The Armstrongs

Good luck and enjoy 😉


Mary Mccann


David Rogers


Timbs Family

Go Ross and your loving family


Garron Buckland


David Strong

Go easy on the other riders mate! All the best


Nikki & David Bannister

Congratulations Ross, we can’t believe your legs are still up for this after all these years! Very proud of you and all that you do.



An important cause close to my heart, having lost my favourite cousin to brain cancer when we were both 33. Ride well!


Bethan Davis


Andrew Thomas

GO Rosco, you champion. Looking forward to riding with you mate.


Jack De Vries

Great cause, great ride... go Rosscoe!!





On ya bike Ross! Xx


Tony Smith

Looking good Bowlesy. 👍


Sally Neary

Go Ross!!


Craig Downing



All the best Ross!


Bill Wood

Just a normal ride for you Ross. Good luck.


David Ledger

Keep riding Ross. You are truely an inspiration.


Daniele Vanolini

Hoping the weather improves! Great cause 👍


Marcus Judge

Good stuff, Ross!


Elise And Tim Kemp

Best wishes for the ride. Go well Ross.


Mark Graydon


Mark Lacey

Great cause Ross, keep riding! 🚴💨


Terry Chigwidden

All the best for the BRFBC. Have a great ride!!


Greg Evans


Shane Nichols

Great stuff Ross!


Kelli Mark


Sonia South


Jay Schmid

Unbelievable story of perseverance….was not aware that you and Di had been facing this for years. Stick around and take good care of her!


Kate S


Chris And Cynthia Hughes


Karin Gillett