Ross Bowles

Join my Everest Challenge

On Saturday 21st March 2020 I will be riding my first Everest.

I will need valuable support from friends, family and a few individuals who find riding +300km in a day, a pleasure.  Make no mistake, I find the idea completely nuts but I am dedicated to complete the ride to raise money for Brain Cancer research.

The all important numbers:

     Height of Everest = 8848 metres                                   

     Number of laps = 49 ascents of Brooklyn Climb

     Distance to ride = 367 kilometres

     Estimated time to complete = about 17 hours


Q - What is an Everest?

It’s a fiendishly simple concept, and a fiendishly difficult challenge to complete.  Pick any climb, anywhere in the world and ride or run repeat after grinding repeat until you have notched up 8,848 vertical metres, in one activity.  Complete the challenge to get your name in the Everesting Hall of Fame

Q - Why am I going to ride an Everest?

Standard Answer - Because it’s there!  

My Answer - To put into perspective just how hard it is to fight Brain Cancer and to raise funds to find a cure. *

Q - How popular is Everesting?

Standard Answer - At last count only 4096 people worldwide have done it, 904 being Australians and only 4 are aged over 60, (the oldest being 66). 

My Answer – I know of only one other cyclist to have completed an Everest on Brooklyn Climb, so I wont be the first however I might be able to claim the first Australian over 60, with Brain Cancer, to complete an Everest.

Q – How can we support the Everesters?

A – You choose how you want to support the riders – either a fixed donation, $/metres climbed, $/lap, $/hour and so on, it really is up to you to find the best way to encourage the riders.

*  Today we desperately need major breakthroughs in brain cancer.  It remains one of the most devastating cancers and is one of the most under researched of all the cancer groups


Hi! I need your support

I'm taking part in The Bike Ride for Brain Cancer raising funds for research to find new treatments and better outcomes for children and adults suffering from this devastating disease.

I would be so grateful if you could please help me make a difference and donate to my fundraising page.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and you'll receive a receipt via email. Thank you in advance for your support.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Team Everest


Andrew Rodgers

Go uncle Arthur go!!


Ross Bowles


Reed & Mary Ann Lynn

Have a great and safe ride, Ross.


Julia Apperley

Nice work Ross - good luck! X