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Bike Ride for Brain Cancer - Day One Highlights

A great video with shots of Beautiful Brooklyn are in the day 1 link below.

And if you haven't donated yet well you might want to after watching the video, thanks

What an Amazing Event!!!

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all that came to the bash. We won a fundraising prize and it was all due to our wonderful community and friends. At this moment Ross's fundraising page is at a huge $16,605 raised for brain cancer research.

We just returned back from the two day ride and it was amazing. Kent Willams from Entoure events did another fantasitc job putting on the bike event. An amazing man that collects alot of amazing people to support the ride. Robyn Leonard, Mike Leonard, David Leonard and Niav Owens are a inspirational family with Robyn starting the brain cancer bio bank in honour of their daughter Lucie. 

We met so people with so many touching stories and feel very grateful that Barker College hosts the event and we are a part of this fun and purposeful ride. 

2019 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer - done and dusted ...

250 kms in 2 days, with over 2950 m elevation, and all 48 cyclists managing to bust their balls for brain cancer research.

Day 1 seemed tough with 150 kms from Barker College to the Hunter Valley, with an easy 2nd day on the cards, all were feeling happy. Saturday turned out to be a shocker with the thermometer maxing out at about 40 deg C.

Despite the conditions, the almost shade less undulating route, the heat off the roads and the tired legs from Friday, all 48 riders rose to the challenge and made it to Calais Estate for a well deserved long lunch.

If you think this sounds tough, slip into the shoes of those battling the most horrible disease, Brain Cancer. It not only has the highest mortality rate of all cancers, the treatment generally leaves patients with debilitating cognitive issues - how do I know? Because I am one of the "lucky ones" - yep I'm a Brain Cancer survivor (for now) and I have heaps of issues as a result of the life saving treatments.

So here is the deal my friends - keep up the fantastic fundraising and show me and all those who are dealing with Brain Cancer, that you really do care. We have the systems in place to make this happen, to find a cure for Brain Cancer, we just need to help fund the research, to improve the statistics.

Yes the ride is over but the fundraising goes on - last year the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer raised just over $200,000 ! This year we are over $170,000 so we need to dig deep - please help if you haven't had a chance to as yet, if you have already donated this year, you are an absolute legend!

One More Sleep

One more sleep till we hit the road on the 2019 Bike Ride For Brain Cancer.
Just a reminder that if you were intending to make a donation it isn't to late. We have received so many wonderful donations and messages of support that just show how important brain cancer research really is.

So please head to my fundraising page and read up on what I've been up to training for the event and get on board.

Special prize for anyone who knows where I was this week for a sneaky ride (no google searches allowed) when this pic was taken


Brooklyn Beats Brain Cancer Bash - 23/2/19. Massive Success and Loads of Fun

The first Bash is done and dusted and what a massive success raising just over $8800 from the Auctions and Raffles.

The River Boat Postman was an excellent venue, donated by Ben (behind the bar) and Justin, our auctioneer and captain who whipping the crowd into a frenzie, creating lots of rivaly between the bidders and of course pushing up the bids, job well done!  

Thanks to all who so generously donated their time, energy and items for the night to be a success, and Bianca Howard of "Rosemary and Sage" for keeping us all well fed.  Our lovely friend Simone not only worked so hard to rally her network for prize donations, she then spent most of the night serving food and washing up, what a star.

The band was a roaring success as well with the rockers kicking on till stumps.  Many thanks to the Glendennings for making the night fun and entertaining.  

Thanks again to all.

You will find some pics of the night are below


Latest Bio-banking Video - proving yet again that I have a great face for radio

Hi everyone, our intrepid camerman Joe has done an amazing job once again, working his magic to make me look half presentable, in this short clip from the Brain Cancer Bio-banking Australia.  It explains the importance of the Bio-banking program and what has been achieved.

Latest BCBA Video: Visit shorter

My fundraising page:

Brooklyn Beats Brain Cancer Bash - 23/2/19

Don't miss the massive fundraiser coming up in just over a week.  Tickets still available - scroll down for all the details - see you there cool

BRBC 9th Feb Ride Review

PHOTO - P1 at Mount White

Great turn out for last Saturdays training ride with lots of energy to burn.  

Very hot day expected and we weren't disappointed.  P1 consisted of 8 brave riders including Veloroos JA and Birdie, headed down Bobbo just for fun making a U turn at the bottom and heading straight back up.  The ascent seemed to stop some of the idle chatter, not sure why.  

P2 and P3 took off for Mt White, Calga, Mooney Gorge then back to Saddles for a rest stop.  All riders seemed in good spirits when P1 arrived shortly after for a well earned coffee.  JA reckoned she would PR up Mooney and since this was her first time she was right.  Birdie seemed quite at home in amongst the Bell Birds at Mooney Mooney Creek, the furtherest distance she has been North of the Harbour Bridge - what took you so long?

The return journey wasn't a race but a few in P1 were pretty happy to finally catch Kent at Asquith.

A really strong effort by all and confirms that the challenge to ride from Barker to the Hunter Valley in just one day has been taken seriously. 

Looking forward to more fun training rides and a fantastic event ride, thanks to all the Veloroos, ride captains, Kent and his team and of course Robyn and David.

2019 Brooklyn Beats Brain Cancer Bash - tickets now available

A big night is planned for February 23rd so please set the date and make sure you get your tickets


The details…

WHAT – this fun night is a fundraiser for brain cancer research by supporting Ross Bowles ride the 240 km Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

WHEN - 6pm till 10:30pm  Saturday February 23rd

WHERE – The “Brooklyn Cruise to Nowhere” is on the River Boat Postman (we will be tied up to the dock all night)

TICKETS - $55 per person
       BSB - 313 140      Acct - 19096688

       please include the text “Beat Brain Cancer” with your surname

RSVP -   Di Bowles

The Fun details… 

  • Welcome drink
  • Gemma and the Glendenning Band
  • Huge Live Auction

     $1500 House Boat Hire from Brooklyn Marina & lots more!

  • Silent auctions
  • Raffles
  • Door prizes
  • Food
  • Cash Bar

All proceeds go to Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia -


Training on Track for 2019 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

Thanks for checking in, this is an update on my training, fundraising and events.

My training for the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer is on track, January was a good month considering school holidays and the very hot weather in Sydney.

My January numbers:

      Distance - 1,283 km

      Vertical Ascent - 14,940

      Days till BRBC - 33 

      Amount Raised - $449

      Target - $5,000


You can see my story, just copy& paste this link into your browser -

Hi! I need your support

I'm riding in the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer, a 240 km ride in March.

Some of you know that I had a seizure while bike riding five and a half years ago.  Diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer, his treatment included the usual three: surgery, radiation and chemo. 

I'm one of the lucky ones - I've now passed the 5 year statistic which show only 2 out of 10 people diagnosed with brain cancer will survive 5 years. 

Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA) which helps to facilitate research to change the statistics. By pooling tissue samples from around the world, BCBA are making large numbers of brain tissue samples available to researchers, with breakthroughs to a cure for brain cancer becoming closer and closer.

You can see my story, just copy& paste this link into your browser -


Did I mention that we have a lot of fun?

Great team!

2019 Fundraising Begins .....

Hi everyone, now that the holiday festivities are winding down the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer training can get back on track.

Last year was such a blast, not just the 2 day event and the amazing total raised but what a great bunch of people.  Truly inspiring to be with these stars who took on the challenge and to see many new to cycling who have kept on riding and training for the 2019 event.



Gallery pictures at the bottom of this page are from my 2018 Austria/Italy World Championships trip - all part of getting in shape for the BCBA ride of course

Thank you to my Sponsors


Michael Lyons

Really enjoyed the other night and was amazed with the statistics of your disease so best of luck and I look forward to the next social


Brooklyn Beats Brain Cancer Bash

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bash, it was a great time and thank you so much for your generosity!


Brooklyn Beats Brain Cancer Bash

Another great donation from the Brooklyn community to help fund brain cancer research. Thanks to all that supported the cause.


Elise Kemp

Keep on kicking goals Ross


Day To Day Water Filtration Pty Ltd

We wish you all the very best Ross. Thanks for sharing your story on Saturday night. We were deeply touched by your and Di's honesty and sharing of your ongoing struggle. All the best to you both and Max.


Condition Monitoring Australia

Go Dad Go!


Kate Briggs

Looking forward to getting out there, good luck with the ride


Brent Mckean

Well done mate. proud of you!


Mark Worrall

You are an inspiration Ross. Stay strong and go hard!!



Go hard!


Maura Bollinger

Good Luck Ross! Wish we could join you all for the Bash but raise a drink for us. Love, Maura and Marty


Peter Savage

Amazing work Ross - keep on riding!


Bryan Starkey

Go you good thing!


Sandy & Geoff Bowles

Go for it Ross!


Shrav Malkani

You’re an inspiration Ross in beating the odds and living generously


Timothy O'mahony

Can't believe it's almost 6 years since that ride. Go smash it on this one!


David Ashton

Hope to see you out on the road soon Ross



Better late than never! Congrats. AB


Marcus & Jas Sherry

Good luck dad Xx


Daryn Middlebrook

You and your family are inspirational Ross to all of us. Thankyou for doing an amazing amount of work to raise awareness and raise much needed funds for a very worthy cause. Enjoy the ride mate.


Jess & Tim Morse

Go, Ross, go!! XO Jess & Tim


Michael Coyne

Great ride for a great cause.


David Gorton

Enjoy the ride,


Anne Mccotter

Good luck with your goal



Great 👍🏼 work.


Jack De Vries

Go Ross, Brains and Brawn to lead the breakaways!! Cheers, Jack


Ross Bowles


Katie Banerjee

Good luck Rosco



Great night Ross....looking forward to the ride with you..Rob


Mark Russell

Shame I can’t ride with you Ross. Have a great trip


Chris And Linda Hatfield

So happy to sponsor you again this year, Ross!! South Bend just lost a 41 year old fireman, father of 6, to brain cancer last week. We had traveled with the whole family on pilgrimage this past October and their faith has inspired us. Chris and I want to help fight this!!


Terry Chigwidden

All the best Ross.


Mary Ann Lynn

Go, man, go! We are in awe of you!


Greg Adam


Dale & Steph Black

As always we are both super proud of you mate.


Bill And Barb Horn

Hey Rosser - Been following your Strava posts - you're looking STRONG heading into the Bash! Wish we could be there -


Sally Naery

Great night! Well done Di & Ross!!


Monna & Tim

Awesome Ross!


Tracy Duff

Good luck!


Maurice Melis

Well deserved champ, you’ve come through a lot as a winner. Admire the determination and leg strength 🙂 Stay strong!


Jennie Sparke

Keep up the great work Ross!


Tim & Sylvie Shadie

Good luck Ross!


David Strong

You're a bloody inspiration ya great lummox! Well done.


Shane & Junko

Good onya Ross, all the best!


Yoko Timbs

Go Ross!


Bryan Ashworth

Best of luck with your training and the ride this year. Ashworth Family x



cat basket!!! meow.


Bill Wood

It'll be a walk in the park for you Ross. Good luck.



You are doing such a wonderful thing Ross and giving back to those going through the same terrible experience but also creating light and hope! Keep going because you are making a difference.



Continue the good work. Enjoy your ride luv you r Scottish family.


Dana Lake

Good job Ross!


Maree Nutt

Congrats Ross. Just watched the video. Awesome work.


Sally A


Janice And Family

So proud of you my friend xx


Mary Mccann

Good Luck! Ride Safe!


Kirstie Patmore

All the best on your upcoming ride. I wish I could give more but I’ve taken unpaid leave from my job to care for my Mum who has been battling GMB Grade IV for the past 8 months. It is such a horrible thing to watch a loved one go through. Thank you for promoting awareness and fundraising for research. I wish you continued good health.


Steve Fairless


Brendan Marshall

massive props Ross, go get em!


Margin's Mushrooms Woy Woy

Thanks to the guy from Margin's Mushrooms at Hornsby Market