The Bike Ride for Brain Cancer is very close to our hearts as it honours the memory of Lucie Leonard, who graduated from Barker in 1995 and was 34 when she lost her seven-year battle with brain cancer in 2012. Since then her mother, Robyn, established the Brain Cancer Collective charity and Bike Ride for Brain Cancer to raise funds to accelerate brain cancer research.

The 2-day 240km ride from Sydney to the Hunter Valley kicks off from Barker College in March, led by the teacher team of Matthew Hill, Phil Barden, Evan Snow and Scott Hosford. Evan and Scott have a particularly close connection to the cause. Scott sadly lost his father to brain cancer some 15 years ago, while Evan was a friend of Lucie Leonard’s from their Barker student days.

Raising money for the fight against brain cancer is also deeply personal for Barker parent and brain cancer survivor, Ross Bowles. Joining the teachers and Ross on the road to a cure this year will be a number of other Barker parents along with 12 very dedicated Barker Alumni.

Brain cancer kills more children and people under 40 than any other cancer, yet it remains one of the most under-funded and under-researched of all the cancer groups, with dismal survival rates that have remained virtually unchanged in 40 years. Please support us with a donation and help us on the road to a cure...


Thank you to our Sponsors


Georgina & Grahame Clare


Mary Hosford

I am very proud of you and your colleagues decision to participate in the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer. It is a very worthy cause in memory of all those that have suffered from this disease. This includes our very special Dad as well as those currently suffering from this extremely disabling disease. Good Luck Scott.


Phil Barden


Matt F

Glad to support this cause which aids a cause which effected you and your family so greatly. Fond memories of your old man on the trip to the states we did mate.


Shelley Whitfield

Enjoy the ride! Such a wonderful thing that you are doing.


Annette Mead

Great cause Scott. Best of luck


Terena Clarke

Go Matt! Have a great ride for a great cause!


Marjory Pilarska

All the best Scott. Your Dad is often in our thoughts. Marjory and Leszek


Sue Opie

A wonderful initiative and in memory of my dear friend, Kristina Hacket (Barker 1984), who died of brain cancer in 2017.


Carley Family


Richard Clezy

Thinking of Lucy


Roslyn Du Plessis


Dominic Lee

Good luck Mr Hosford for such an important cause, I will be cheering you on!! Make sure you come back in one piece for 4Y!!


Bonnie Takounlao

Great cause !!


Vu Family

Enjoy your ride Scott! From the Vu family


Hamish & Imogen Rankin

Great to see you riding, good luck Sir!


Scott Hosford


Macri Family

Great cause, well done to all involved




Rylan And Maliah Narayanan

Good on you mate!!!


Phan Family

Such a great cause that the Barker community is supporting. Good luck with the ride!


Rob Paynter

Good on you Matt


Erin Hannan


Tim E



The Richos

Good luck - hope it works out for you. Isabella.


Peter D

All the best Scott, very worthy cause


The Huntsman


Elliott Newton


Michael Moore


Chiron And Lei

Enjoy your riding!


Matt Farmer


The Patersons

Great cause - thank you for your efforts!


Jessica Xu

I was moved by your speech. Such a warm hearted person ;)


Dean Johnston



A wonderful cause! Best wishes for a safe and fun ride.




Dana Logiudice


Ed Thrum




Matt Arnot

Eat keto


Chantelle Withford-cave

Well done Mr Hosford - great cause 👌 From Louis WC